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We Don't Just Train Dogs - We Train You!

Your best friend is already fully trained when it comes to acting like, well, a dog. Barking, digging, chewing, even growling and biting are all things that are natural to your dog, but not always appreciated by socialized humans.

We will show you all the little clues your dog gives to let you know what he's thinking. Simple eye expressions, such as blinking or staring can be powerful tools when used correctly. Our dogs are such naturals at being in tune with our body language and verbal tones; they have been perfecting their skills for years. Now it's your turn to take control and be one step ahead - as the pack leader should.

We specialize in the most difficult behavior problems, and take great pride in saving dogs from the animal shelter system. Please make one last call before you make such an important decision.


• Initial Consultation / Temperament Test - $45
• Hourly Rate - $125/hr
• 4 session package - $400
• 8 session package - $800
• Lifetime Training Package - Starting at $1,650
• Board and Train - Starting at $2,250

All service agreements are non-refundable without 24 hour notice of cancellation


Basic obedience and behavior focused training programs generally take 8 weeks of consistent weekly lessons, but we offer lifetime (of the dog) training. We will work with you and your dog until you are satisfied with your dog's progress.

Training Contact Information

Phone: (503) 936-0641 (Training Inquires Only)