German Shepherd Dog
3.5 years old

Lila's Story

This gorgeous young girl goes by the name Lila and is looking for someone like YOU to give her the forever-home of her dreams!

Lila is 3 years old and is developing into quite a catch.  Lila is a sweet girl who loves meeting new people and can play play play!  She is an active young Shepherd, who loves to run around and play ball.  With other dogs, she can be choosey and display some dominance at times, especially with other females, but overall she has really improved in that department, she was successfully paired with her buddy Kyro, whom she adored and played with every day for a number of months before his adoption, so the potential is definitely there going forward.  Lila is not good with cats and chickens though, so households with those will not be considered.  We also prefer her to be with older kids, no households with children under the age of 7 please.

Lila is crate trained, spayed, and knows basic commands, but will definitely need to continue with consistent training and leadership going forward.  Lucky for YOU though, we include lifetime training with the adoption of Lila, so we'll happily help you guide her going forward!

If you are seriously interested in adopting Lila and can provide her with the necessary requirements for her success, then contact us and we'll set up a meet and greet!

Questions & Comments

    Julie Mersch Westphall :

    How much is the adoption fees. I live on 2 acres in Boring,Oregon. Please call me at 503 766 8432

    Anonymous :

    My family lives in boring OR

    Brandon :

    Sounds like a good situation, Julie -- I will contact you!

    anonymous :

    perfect dog the one I am looking for in fact

    Dano Kanoekole:

    Aloha Lila is like a twin sister of my GS dog Lani. They both have Hawaiian names and thus I am from Oahu, Kapolei HI. Mahalo!

    Dano Kanoekole:

    I wanted Lila to be Lani's companion and sister to watch me and in return I'll take care of them. I love German Shepherd it helps me ease my anxiety and depression. Mahalo!

    Dano Kanoekole Fernandez:

    Hello Paul: Hey, that would be awesome if I name my two GS dogs as "LilaLani." it does really sounds Hawai'ian like "Mililani." Mahalo I hope I will adopt and take care of Lila.



    Patricia Moritz:

    I left a message this morning on your phone. I am very interested in seeing if Lila would make a good PTSD service dog. I am a disabled veteran and really need a service dog soon to be my Battle Buddy in Training! Please let me know if this would be a viable option for Lila!

    Chuck Donaghy 360 920 9224 :

    I would like to talk to you about your dogs thanks

    John Serres:

    I’m interested in getting a companion for my 6 yo male working line GSD. I would like a dog who is good in the house but I do have 5 fenced acres outside Bend OR. I don’t have a lot of time for intense training. I did train my current dog to earn BH.


    I recently had my beloved shepherd Abby pass away, looking for a new girl to help ease the pain.

    Lori Stewart:

    Lot our Golden last Fall and looking for a train, love and respect!!

    Catherine :

    How much is the adoption fee? Where are you located?

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