German Shepherd Dog
4 years old

Ava's Story

Ava is a 4 year old red and black purebred female German Shepherd dog looking for a special family to welcome her as one of their own! Ava is a special needs type of dog, so she needs patience and understanding from her new family members.

Ava is a stunningly beautiful dog, she is also a super athletic girl who LOVES to run around and play fetch or fly through the agility course. Ava is very friendly, LOVES being around people and has a big heart. If she wants you to play with her, she has no reserves about letting you know! A big property that she could run around and have a blast on would be ideal for her. This girl definitely loves to run and is good on a leash, so she'd make an EXCELLENT running partner, as long as you could keep up with her that is!

The main thing with Ava is, as kind and sweet as she may be, her behavior and excitement can border on manic/compulsive at times, it's just the way she is, so if you're looking for a lap-dog, Ava is not for you.  She would also do best as the only dog in the house, she's done OK with some of our dogs, but in general just likes being with her people.

Ava is crate trained, knows commands, and lifetime training with us is included in her adoption. If you think you can give this girl a wonderful life and can provide her the proper environment for her success, please contact us and we'll arrange a meeting!

Questions & Comments

    T. Seiger:

    Hello, interested in Ava. We have a 6 year old male German Shepherd that still has tons of energy and we are looking for a friend for him as our other female has passed away. We do have other animals and a young child as well. We would like more information on Ava please. Thank you.


    Ava is perfect! You just described one of my Shepherds whom I love so much and have a soft spot for dogs that need extra attention and patience. I have 5 acres. Sadly my dog was just diagnosed with DM so I don’t know how much more time we have left together but down the road, if Ava is still here, I may try to adopt her. Thank you all for what your doing to help these dogs!

    Kate :

    Would love her. She looks like my kya that I had to put down in June. Kya was 14yrs but the best dog I have ever had and went hiking with and swimming with.. would love ava just the same

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