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German Shepherd Dog
2 years old

Deacon's Story

Deacon is a 2-year-old male German Shepherd Dog in search of a home.

Deacon is a very high-drive, athletic dog -- he enjoys being active and loves playing fetch and running around.  In terms of personality, Deacon is a bit of a nervous dog.  He needs an owner who will continue to build his confidence and provide him a consistent environment with very strong leadership.  

Nervous dogs can easily become defensive dogs, so Deacon's new owner being committed to him and his development is not optional, it's mandatory.  Deacon needs continued structured socialization work with both other dogs and new people to help him build his confidence and comfort in new situations.  We will hold on to him as long as we need to in order to find the right person to lead him as we want him to thrive once he leaves us.  Deacon's adoption includes our Lifetime Training package and we will be excited to work with his new owners to help Deacon achieve his potential.

If you feel Deacon is the right dog for you, please submit an application today.  Please no homes with other pets, no apartments, and no young kids.

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