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1 years old

Atlas's Story

Atlas is a 1-year-old, male, plush-coated German Shepherd Dog in search of a family.

Atlas has a ton of potential and is a great opportunity for someone looking to mold and lead a young GSD.  He came to us as an adolescent entering adulthood, clearly lacking leadership and obedience.  He doesn't have any sort of bad history, he's just an energetic, high-drive young Shepherd who needs a committed owner, willing to provide consistent structure and leadership.

Socially, he's what you expect, can be a bit bossy and reactive with other dogs, but with proper obedience and consistent socialization he should blossom nicely in time.  This is one of those dogs who with the right owner will absolutely thrive, but if proper leadership is not provided, he could be a bad fit, go in the wrong direction and end up back here with us.  For that reason, we're looking for an experienced GSD owner, preferably one who has raised a GSD previously from puppy-hood on up and understands the patience and commitment needed to succeed.  We want an assertive personality, someone willing to lead and be committed to putting in the work needed for this dog to thrive. Please no apartments, or homes with young kids or small animals.  

Atlas has been neutered, vaccinated, and his adoption comes with Lifetime Training from Von Dubinhaus Shepherds.  If you feel you are right for this dog, please submit an application and we will contact you shortly upon review. 

Questions & Comments


    I was wondering if a 5 year old was too young for Atlas to be around. Also what is his adoption fee?


    I was raised with a GSD and even had him in the 4-H. I've been looking for a long hair German Shepherd puppy for quite awhile now. I hope to be able to meet Atlas!


    Dezi, we generally don't adopt to homes with kids under the age of 7. It could certainly be done, but it's not our most preferable choice of situation for him as we like to limit potential stumbling blocks if we can.


    @Shawndell --Sweet! Please submit an application above if you are interested in potentially adopting Atlas and we can see if it's a fit

    Sandy :

    I have a German Shepherd mix I got from a rescue. She is two now I raised and trained her from a 4 month old puppy. I have trained her in obediance and she is learning more advanced training. I do have two frenchies. What do you thi k?

    Cheyenne :

    Hello! I am very interested in Atlas and have sent in an application. I live on a very large ranch and have been searching for a lifetime companion as I move into my young adult life. I hope to be considered! He's beautiful!

    Paul Rennells:

    How much is his fee

    Cindy Carden:

    My husband and I bred German Shepherds for about six years - paying special attention to having our two females' hips certified and finding studs whose hips were also certified. We recently lost our 12.5 year old female, Hanna. Our hearts are longing for another shepherd in our lives. We understand how important it is to socialize German Shepherd dogs and to have them obedience trained. If Atlas is still available, we would be interested in meeting him. Thank you for your time.


    is atlas still available? And is he ok with cats?

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