Oscar prof
German Shepherd Dog
4 years old

Oscar's Story

Oscar is a 4-year-old Male German Shepherd Dog in search of a new family and life. 

Oscar is active and playful, and overall a very pleasant dog to be around.  He is also an EXCELLENT example of a German Shepherd Dog -- he comes from working lines and is very well-built with a beautiful, thick coat.  He's a solid sized Male and has a solid drive, so he'll need active owners -- people who love to hike, jog or have property to run around on would be perfect for this guy. 

At this time, Oscar is still intact, so he'll need to be neutered before going home, but he is available now to be shown and adopted.  Please, no homes with cats, small dogs, or children.  A home with a decent sized, well-balanced female dog would be considered for this guy, but the dogs will need to be properly socialized before Oscar goes home.  At a minimum we would like his adopters to be in a home with a fenced yard. 

If you feel you are right for Oscar and can give him a great life, please submit an application today!

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