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German Shepherd Dog
1 years old

Grizz's Story

Meet Grizz!

This beautiful boy is a 1-year-old plush-coated German Shepherd Dog now available for adoption.  Grizz is a typical young Shepherd with lots of energy and excitement and of course some bad puppy habits.  He needs an experienced owner to show him the ropes and help him achieve his potential! 

We're looking for a structured, stable environment for Grizz that includes a detached home with a fenced yard and active owners who understand the demands of a young GSD.  You will need to be willing to put in the time to provide the training, leadership needed for success and also meet the necessary mental and physical needs of this dog on a daily basis.  Please no homes with young children, small animals or unbalanced pets.  Grizz should be a good-sized male, so please know what you're signing up for. Homes with other dogs will be consdiered, but Grizz and the dog will need to be fully socialized before he leaves.

Grizz is microchipped and will be scheduled to be neutered shortly.  Once that is done, he will be ready to go home.  If you feel you can provide Grizz a great life, please submit an application today!

Questions & Comments

    Tory Quick:

    How much does Grizz cost?


    Do you know if he is a pure GSD?


    Anna, we don't have paperwork for him so we can't say for certain, but we believe him to be, yes.


    Do you think he could be taught to get along with cats seeing as he's so young?


    Do you think he could be taught to get along with cats seeing as he's so young?


    How big will Grizz be when full grown do you think?

    susan mehr:

    how much does he cost


    How much he cost ?


    How much cost


    Does Grizzly not do well with little kids or is it that he is just big and untrained?


    He is adorable and it is probably more of a thing that he is so big with puppy habits that he might get too excited around young/small children. I personally have had a GSD before that we got as a 3month old puppy who was also a handful. But they grow into sweet, loyal, and loving dogs.


    What is the cost?

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