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German Shepherd Dog/Collie Mix
5 years old

Maverick's Story

Maverick is a 5 year old male German Shepherd Dog/Collie mix in search of a new home.

Maverick is a very cool and unique dog.  He is playful, vocal, goofy, and loves, loves, loves human attention -- really a lot of personality on this guy!  This is a breed combination that really works appreance-wise -- Maverick's coat is absolutely beautiful and he keeps himself very clean and pretty -- he's quite the refined gentleman!  

Since coming to Von Dubinhaus, Maverick has done pretty well around our other Shepherds, but he can be a bit bossy and, at times, needs to be reminded of his manners.  This a dog that could really bring a lot of happiness to a household, but he needs strong leadership to ensure he doesn't start running the show as he is certainly a confident fellow! Maverick is also a very large dog at around 100 pounds, something to consider.  

We are looking for a family in search of an active dog with no cats or children in the home.  We are comfortable adopting Maverick into a home with other dogs of decent size, but we would prefer he be a single dog as in the past he has shown possessiveness over his owners towards other animals in the home, so we'll need to make sure his new situation is properly structured so Maverick knows his place in the pack and maintains good manners.  Luckily, lifetime training from Von Dubinhaus Shepherds is included as part of his adoption fee, so we will happily help with that process!

If you are interested in this awesome dog and meet the requirements for him, please reach out and schedule a meeting!

Questions & Comments


    We come for training with our dogs. Maverick is the best guy ever. He would make a great companion.


    Paul, we are very interested in Maverick and look forward to hearing from you!


    I am very interested in maverick! i emailed you about him.

    Wendy Denney:

    Great new photos of him. He is so very precious. Thank you for taking care of him until he inds his forever home. God bless you.

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