German Shepherds are our specialty, our passion, and protecting the breed and their integrity is our priority. We strive to make sure German Shepherd dogs that are no longer wanted can be rescued and do not end up at the pound or worse. We typically only accept purebred German Shepherds that can no longer be cared for due to life changes or that other rescues have turned away due to their behavioral problems. We want to ensure these dogs get a second chance, and enjoy the challenge of rehabilitating them if need be.

We may accept other breeds depending on the situation as well. Please call to see if your dog, or one you know of might be a good candidate for our services. That said, our first objective is always to keep them with you and focus on training, but circumstances often tend to prevail.

If you're interested in one of our current available rescues, please submit an adoption form, which can be found on each individual animals adoption page. All dog showings are by appointment only. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted shortly. Re-homing fees varies from dog to dog depending on: food, training and if there are any vet bills. All rescues from Von Dubinhaus Shepherds come with lifetime training included as part of their adoption.

If you know of a German Shepherd Dog in need of re-homing, please contact Brandon at:

Available for Adoption